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What a night rofl

The beauties..
The beauties..
..and the beasts
Jorgen drank the entire downtown of San Francisco..
JD drank the entire downtown of San Francisco..
..aaaaannd JD brings the class!
..aaaaannd JD brings the class!

Differences in Playstation 3 store USA and EU

 Big differences in the US and EU versions of the Playstation 3 store

Are the guys at SCEE lazy or what?

Since I work with GUI and information (which is hard to believe looking at this ugly blog I know) I had been looking forward to the new Playstation 3 store. I was looking forward to a new and improved structure and the preview functionality. Imagine my surprise when I noticed after upgrading that, so far, the European Playstation 3 store is considerably worse than the US store.

Please Sony, get your act together. There is just no reason to do this. It is bad enough I can download a demo on one store but not on another, but when it comes down to the structure of your store there is simply no reason you guys can’t just get a long..or work equally hard..or whatever the reason for this is.

Oh and I’m not even getting into the horrible loading times of those icons.


Playstation 3 store Europe - Categories
Playstation 3 Store Europe. Only a few categories that are indicated by icons. Categories like these are messy, for instance is “Flow” considered to be a strategy type game which is..well let’s just say I don’t see labeling the game with a well known icon from a chess game (the horse).

 Playstation 3 Store - Categories on the US version
The US store however has a more logical approach where you can sort titles by name, genre, etc. Much more useable.


No preview in the EU version of the Playstation 3 Store
This makes me sad. I want the preview! I hate to have to download trailers..


The US version of the Playstation 3 store offers previews
..and I don’t want to sign in to my US account just to avoid doing that!


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