Black Ops 3 Beta Optimizations

  Set the CPU priority to high, here is how to make a shortcut and always launch BO3 in high priority. Don’t alt-tab from the game, appearantly it can break the priority.

In your steamapps folder, locate the BO3 Beta folder and go inside the “players” folder and edit the ini file. Set the value of “ResolutionMultiplier” to 1 instead of 0.85 to get proper pixel ratio and increase visibility.

Set everything to low, disable shadows and transparency. You can leave a simple form of AA on like FXAA. 

This runs the game at a decent 100+ FPS on my amd 290x & 3.8ghz intel cpu.

Turn off music in COD Ghosts


Updated nov 21 to include annoying spawn music they added in patch

To turn off the annoying music in Call of Duty Ghosts go into your steam directory and into common and the ghosts directory. Then rename the files:

soundfile1.pak to _soundfile1.pak
soundfile59.pak to _soundfile59.pak
Added nov 21:
soundfile62.pak to _soundfile62.pak

Fix poor FPS, stutter in COD Ghosts

Call of Duty GHOSTS

Many people, including me have problems running Ghosts with very poor FPS, stutter and immense framedrops. Here’s a tip, try running Call of Duty GHOSTS windowed with no border to fix FPS problem

This will help you FPS and also that sucky mouse acceleration feel will disappear. In other words – it’s a bug.

My kind of gamer

My kind of gamer

Notch is my kind of gamer. I generally don’t give two cents about story in a game. My favorite games as a kid didn’t have “cinematics” or some huge complex backstories. Mario was saving a princess, Mega Man wacked a string of different themed bosses, the faceless “Marine” in Doom killed everything in his path and the dude in Quake did the same. Duke chewed bubble gum and kicked alien ass.. and that was all you needed to know.

I read the other day that ID is having problems with Doom 4.. I’m not surprised. Every game ID has done since Quake with (maybe) the exception of Quake 3 and Quake Live has gotten progressively worse.

Doom 3 was a pitch black mess and Rage is a steaming pile of shit (a visually gleaming pile of shit, but a turd none the less). It’s the classic tale of trying to hard, doing things you’re not good at and letting focus slip away.

Doom 1&2 was never about mission hubs..quests or cinematics.. It was about straight up action. Mario-like qualities but with gore and in first person. And it was awesome to play with and against friends. Quake was the same.

They can and should continue to do games with awesome weapons and awesome game mechanics when it comes to network code and the way the character FEELS to control when it comes to weight, friction, headbob and so on. Everything else is secondary. Keep is simple.

Doom 4 should go back to basics. It could take queues from modern games such as COD/BF (progression ladders, sentries, etc) but it should be kept simple and fun, both single and in co-op and in multi. I’m still baffled that nobody is doing this today, not even Valve who instead keeps re-hashing the same old Counter-Strike (which isn’t bad but CS Source was good enough).

I’d love to see a “COD clone” but with the community of Team Fortress and with a simple single player built with co-op in mind.



Kevin Dent, CEO of Tiswaz Entertainment from the article on The Verge

“This isn’t a thing where it’s hip to own a Prius. When you want a gaming machine, you want a Hummer, in terms of the environmental impact. You want the EPA coming to your house and saying you’re violating so many laws because you’re using so much power on that gaming rig. That’s what we do as gamers. We want power.”

I partially agree. But people also wants simplicity and more efficient designs that can be always on/paused without a 100-450W drain. For casual gaming or younger audiences I also think that It will be hard to disrupt the short life cycle of mobile phones. The prime reason I could see Apple not going into the “console” business is that cell phones will be bought and picked up at a much faster rate than consoles. I think for a cheap console such as the Ouya to be successfull it needs to be bundled with a broadband offering / streaming games, that way it can be almost free every two years.

If I was Apple I’d just put a dock on the Apple TV and make it an option to just dock your iPhone to the TV and use it as a console with a third party/first party controller. The first party controller could be a slightly modified Apple Remote (think Nintendo 8 bit but cleaner).. then let third party explode.

Nintendo – are you listening? Dare to canabalize and disrupt your own revenue stream or die a slow death as hardware maker and join Sega as a software developer.

Mouse sensitivity MW3 bug fix


Update dec 2012:
This issue also exists in Black Ops 2 but it’s a bit more subtle/rare – the fix is the same though!

I used to have some problem
with the mouse sensitivity in MW3 skyrocketing and then being normal and then skyrocket again and so on.

I read on various forums that turning off FRAPS would help, only problem is I dont use FRAPS or have any software like that running. Also read that lowering the pulling rate on my gaming mouse would help – I did not care for this since its one of the reasons I bought it. However that did help around under 250 Hz. Also read tips about lowering process priority and so on, nothing really helped.

So what did help? Well I think one of the reasons this bug is so hard to pinpoint has to with the fact the game is running under a high priority and needs to be doing this to work well in mp.

The solution lies in killing all oher non essential processes. In my case Dropbox is usually the “culprit” (not really though, it’s MW3 that is shitty but you get my drift).

So if you are having this issue, try killing off non essential processes one by one w/ the task manager until game is normal. Re-installing Windows will do nothing. Trust me.