Black Ops 3 Beta Optimizations

  Set the CPU priority to high, here is how to make a shortcut and always launch BO3 in high priority. Don’t alt-tab from the game, appearantly it can break the priority.

In your steamapps folder, locate the BO3 Beta folder and go inside the “players” folder and edit the ini file. Set the value of “ResolutionMultiplier” to 1 instead of 0.85 to get proper pixel ratio and increase visibility.

Set everything to low, disable shadows and transparency. You can leave a simple form of AA on like FXAA. 

This runs the game at a decent 100+ FPS on my amd 290x & 3.8ghz intel cpu.

Turn off music in COD Ghosts


Updated nov 21 to include annoying spawn music they added in patch

To turn off the annoying music in Call of Duty Ghosts go into your steam directory and into common and the ghosts directory. Then rename the files:

soundfile1.pak to _soundfile1.pak
soundfile59.pak to _soundfile59.pak
Added nov 21:
soundfile62.pak to _soundfile62.pak

Fix poor FPS, stutter in COD Ghosts

Call of Duty GHOSTS

Many people, including me have problems running Ghosts with very poor FPS, stutter and immense framedrops. Here’s a tip, try running Call of Duty GHOSTS windowed with no border to fix FPS problem

This will help you FPS and also that sucky mouse acceleration feel will disappear. In other words – it’s a bug.

Howto downgrade iPhone from iOS 4 to 2.2.1 or 3.1.3 and all other firmware versions

This evening I’ve downgraded an iPhone 3G from iOS 4 all the way back to 2.2.1. It was a little bit tricky but I finally figured it out. I’m back at 3.1.3 since not enough apps worked on 2.2.1 (for a brief iOS history on what has changed, see here).

Should you ever want to do it, this is how you do it. Note: The guides that were out there did not work for me, I kept getting Error 1600 all the time so this is what I did to make it work.

First off, at least for me, I could not jump straight from 4.0 to 2.2.1, you have to downgrade in steps. This means we first have to go from 4.0 to 3.1.3 and then to 3.0 and then to 2.2.1. Going from 3.0 to 2.2.1 also requires iTunes version 7.7, so if you’re on a Mac with the latest iTunes, you’re shit out of luck – get on an old PC or run windows through a VM. I had to run iTunes 7.7 on an old crappy XP machine to make it work right also, it didn’t vibe well with Windows 7 x64.. And YES, I really had to go from 3.1.3 to 3.0 and THEN to 2.2.1.

To get a hold of all the old firmware revisions for the iPhone visit this page and select the right one, remember, you have to do it in steps, so if you want to go from 4.0 to 2.2.1, first you got to hit 3.1.3.

You’re also going to be needing a tool called iRecovery to get the iPhone out of DFU mode. If you’re on a Mac, unpack the tool into some directory then navigate to that directory (for instance Downloads) and in terminal type:

./iRecovery -s

Yeah that’s right, I had to drop in an absolute path to make it fly. Oh and if you’re going to be using iRecovery on Windows, instead of in Mac, don’t forget to install this little bad boy (Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package), otherwise the executable won’t work!

Anyway, to downgrade, you can follow this guide for instance, but don’t forget about the extra stuff I told you above – this is the shit that took me time to figure out.

Speed up Safari 4

Safari Icon

Safari 3 started up a whole lot faster than Safari 4 final and it’s been annoying me up until now. Disable some of the rather useless eyecandy for Safari 4 to restore the more speedier Safari:

Bring back old progress bar, this I don’t do for speed but because the old one actually showed PROGRESS which the new one does not

defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeToolbarRedesign -bool FALSE No go, doesn’t work :(

Disable bookmarks cover flow. Who uses bookmarks anyway?

defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeFlowViewInBookmarksView -bool FALSE

Get rid of Top Sites. Cool but useless feature.

defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeTopSites -bool FALSE

Just copy and paste the italic text into terminal and hit enter and reboot Safari 4. Voila, feel free to clock the difference, it is noticeable faster at least for me.


Do you facecamp? Do you punk?

Yesterday when me and some random dude, Axel (pronounced “ASS-el”),  started a conversation in a comment thread of an old study mate of mine I realised we – inadvertedly - had invented a new phenomen. Perhaps people have been doing it for a while but me thinks none have invented this nice catch-phrase for it and therefore I rule and yes I invented it. It is awesome.


Two people having a random or related conversation about a subject in a comment thread on anything in Facebook.

Example: Your friend (A) changes his/her status to “I am bored”. You (B) and another friend (C) subsequently starts to comment this persons status by you (B) asking your other friend (C) how his/her day has been. You must also ignore all comments from your friend (A).

Now in these examples it only involves to people, of course the awesomeometer only goes up the more people you include in this. Just think of it as the digital version of going to a friends party only to have everyone including yourself ignoring the host.

Automator folder action upload to ftp

Automator ftw!


I haven’t really tried out folder actions all that much but today I decided to give it a whirl. Usually when I write a blog I’ll end up wanting some movie poster..or like with this post, an icon, to go along with whatever crap I’m writing. I don’t really like hotlinking images from others since I wouldn’t really like anyone to hotlink my stuff and steal bandwidth.

So lately I have been downloading whatever image that I want to use and then upload it to a Google Pages account that I have and then linking to that image – this because I don’t really want to host these random images myself.

Today I wanted to make life easier for myself so I wrote a small folder action and used the automator app “Upload to FTP” in order for me to be able to just download/save and image from a webpage to a certain folder and when that image hits this folder it automatically gets uploaded o a free webhost that I signed up for.

Here is a short tutorial how to use Automator to automatically upload a downloaded image to a custom FTP:

  1. Get the Upload to FTP application, install it
  2. Open up Automator and create a workflow that looks like this
    but with your FTP/folder details filled in of course
  3. In Automator, Save As Plugin and make sure to select that it’s a Plugin for “Folder Actions” and select the folder you want this action to run on
  4. Boom, there you go

I also modified my WordPress install a bit so that when I insert an image from an URL now it automatically suggests my host and I just have to add in the filename.

IMDB Movie Ratings in WordPress

Edit March ’09: Duh. Imdb provides well hidden RSS service for this, this is an example of my IMDB vote history RSS feed: feed://

You can just grab that feed and change my number “8062614” for your own number and add it to your site. Just use the WordPress plugin I mention below that shows RSS feeds from your sidebar and you’re golden.

Edit Jan’09: Here, I made a service for you, just enter your IMDB ratings page to scrape and go nuts!

I have been looking for different ways of getting my IMDB movie ratings into my blog. I found this script called PIMP that was a PHP scrape from the “my movies” page in IMDB. After looking into it for a while though it seemed like an overly complex solution..and then I remembered Dapper.

Dapper is a web service that makes it easy for anyone to scrape pretty much any content from any website into Dapper XML or RSS. In my case I set up a Dapper service to scrape my IMDB movies page. To do this first of all you need to make your IMDB movie ratings public, the rest is very easy in Dapper. The result can be seen in my sidebar. I just selected the table cells and set the movie titles up as the RSS title and the movie ratings as the RSS pubdate field. After that I used the KB Advanced RSS plugin for wordpress in order to customize the RSS widget.

I thought about extending this into also parsing in my comments on IMDB but the requirements of at least 10 fields for IMDB comments just kills it for me, usually I just want to go like “crap” or “decent flick”. I’ll extend it some ohter way later me thinks..or not..I’m lazy.

I made my Dapp App (My Movies IMDB Final) public (it’s extremely simple..). Feel free to go nuts. If anyone want a tut, drop a comment.