Chasing UFOs review


I do have to give credit to Ben however, he has a blog that goes into way more detail than the actual show. The show is short and has an air of sensationalism – but I guess that is to be expexted with the attention span of most viewers today.

My initial review
Just watched the first two episodes of National Geographics “Chasing UFOs”. Man, what a disappointment. Another poorly scripted show with retarded, unwarranted night time “investigations” with FLIR and IR cameras.…

Hessdalen Phenomena

I’ve read about this before but I had not heard all the stuff that’s in this documentary. Really fascinating stuff.

I’m too lazy to paste all the other parts, just visit YT to watch the whole thing (7 parts).…

Friday mystery – What happened to the nine skiers in the Urals

Read about this on Abovetopsecret. The case is about nine experienced cross country skiers, on a skiing expedition, whom were all found deceased in mysterious and eerie circumstances. To this day it has yet to be explained. The following information is from diary entries and phtographic evidence, which gives a basic picture of the events leading up to the mystery.

The Story

Ten skiers, eight men and two women, set off on a skiing expedition to Otorten Mountain in the northern Urals on Jan.…

The truth IS out there

Shockingly I had actually not seen one or two of the videos in this compilation. The rest I had seen before though and read about and this video truly have some of the most compelling videos in it.…

Robbie Williams on the UFO phenomena

Wow. Don’t I feel like a tabloid. Anyway. Robbie Williams now has his own thread on Above Top Secret forums where he himself, in his own words, describes his sightings. In difference to recent press coverage though I’m not just spatting noncence about this and I have actually read what the man has to say, in contrast to some really crummy swedish evening news magazines such as Expressen.


..I was facing Sunset Strip lying on a sun lounger about 11.30 at night in the yard of a hotel I was staying at.

UFO videos

If you got some time over, take a look at these.



With regards to the disclosure project, one really have to wonder why we spend so much time reporting on news such as Britney shaving her head or which pop star does coke and who doesn’t. Then again, finding issues more news-worthy than the life of Britney isn’t difficult, still one would truly hope that people payed these issues a little more concern since they have the chance of affecting us as a race in dramatic ways.…