Differences in Playstation 3 store USA and EU


Are the guys at SCEE lazy or what?

Since I work with GUI and information (which is hard to believe looking at this ugly blog I know) I had been looking forward to the new Playstation 3 store. I was looking forward to a new and improved structure and the preview functionality. Imagine my surprise when I noticed after upgrading that, so far, the European Playstation 3 store is considerably worse than the US store.

Please Sony, get your act together.…

Howto: Apple Wireless Keyboard and PS3

If you just like me want to use your shiny Apple Wireless Keyboard, Alu version with your Playstation 3 (PS3) and you, just like me had trouble getting it to work. Ie, if you are receiving this error:

An error has occured during the register operation.
Try to register again.

And you get an errorcode, either 8001000 or 80110301

How to do it:

  1. First of all make sure you have the latest firmware
  2. Now, either unpair the keyboard on your macs in System Preferences OR unplug a battery from the wireless keyboard, leave it hanging for some 10-30 sec and then put it back in – voila – no more errors and the pairing on the PS3 will work flawless.