Spelt & Rye Swedish Pancakes

Spelt & Rye Swedish Pancakes

Had no wheat flour at home so I tried with rye and spelt flour instead, worked great. Next time I’ll cut down on the milk a tad though since wheat binds better and the fibers adds weight which can make the pancakes break more easily when flipping em.

1 dl rye flour
1.5 dl spelt flour
6 dl whole milk
3-4 melted tblspoons of butter
3 eggs

And then I usally also add in a little kruskakli, basically 100% fiber bran…

Protein oat choclate pancakes

Protein pancakes

Been experementing a bit. Protech 3whey cookies&cream protein, oats, water, sifted rye flour, spelt flour, about 30g dark chocolate, some honey snd whey cheese.

Turned out pretty good and I managed to mask that protein powder taste pretty well.

Need to buy some coco nut flour and try some more stuff, gonna make some bars.…

Chicken balls


Minced chicken file with bacon, oil, salt, peppar, spices and chipotle bbq sauce. Some egg yolk to bind. Mix around with your hands and then make balls. Put them in the pan with butter for color & texture and then in the owen with cream for a while. Serve with whatever rocks your boat ;)…