Chasing UFOs review


I do have to give credit to Ben however, he has a blog that goes into way more detail than the actual show. The show is short and has an air of sensationalism – but I guess that is to be expexted with the attention span of most viewers today.

My initial review
Just watched the first two episodes of National Geographics “Chasing UFOs”. Man, what a disappointment. Another poorly scripted show with retarded, unwarranted night time “investigations” with FLIR and IR cameras.…

Add TV Shows to Google Calendar

Ahh..bliss…first of all, visit this site, CAT that has TV Calendars. Sign up, select your shows and then just add the ICAl file to your Google Calendar (oh, and if you’re a Swede like me, set your time-zone) – voila! Now you can check when your favorite shows airs in your favorite calendar!

TV4 web-TV and replay sucks

Yesterday me and Linda was going to watch the replay of Robinson using the new service from TV4 called TV4 Replay. This is a service where you for a week can watch TV4 programming replays online.

I had a hunch from the get-go that it would be a problem to find the entrance to the replay of Robinsson WITHOUT getting to know the ending of the actual episode. This, of course, turned out to be absolutely true.

I first tried to Google “TV4 Replay Robinson” and I got into some sort of page and some clip started but it was not presented clear enough so you were left wondering if this indeed was the episode or just some random clip.…