Forty-something, live in north of Sweden in a house with my wife, son, daughter and dog.

I’ve worked within the IT/Telecom sector all my life. I’ve worked with development, information architecture, project management and OSS related systems (large scale enterprise probe solutions). I’m currently working with information architecture, structure, SEO and analytics – optimizing a web serving millions of customers.

I’m an OS agnostic, I like a ‘nix flavored prompt but prefer Mac/Win for desktops. I love open source but prefer iPhones over Androids. I’m a fan of science, empirical evidence, rationality, humanitarianism and space exploration. When I have time over I enjoy computer games (FPS), taking a walk, weight lifting, comics, books, TV and movies. My family is my everything.

Why do I write in english? I have a lot of friends from all over!