Why I THINK I will buy an iPad (and don’t care if you do)

Just read the Boing Boing article again (Why I won’t buy an iPad (and think you shouldn’t, either). First of all that article reads like the worst kind of troll thread ever. But ok, I’ll bite :)

Incumbents made bad revolutionaries
I was a comic-book kid, and I’m a comic-book grownup, and the thing that made comics for me was sharing them

Gee, thats a nice story grandpa but we live in the real world where content publishers don’t want you to resell your shit.…

Christian Engstrom FTW

Har varit positiv till Piratpartiet som foreteelse for att driva debatten men har inte allvarligt overvagt att rosta pa dom i nagon man da dom kants som ett parti som bara driver fragor inom ett snavt spektrum. Nu ar jag emellertid sa forbannat less pa Ipred, idioter som vill ha mjukvarupatent och Orweillianska svin att jag har andrat mig.

Laste karlns CV och blev imponerad. Inte nagon kaxig tonaring som gapar om fri kultur och egentligen bara vill ladda ner gratis film det har inte.…


This is actually a lot more interesting than I first thought. It IS really anonymous since my IP is never exposed to anoyone else than the friends I add. If I add a friend, Kalle and Kalle adds a friend, Totte then Totte will never see my IP adress and will never know if he is downloading a file from me or Kalle  (or some other friends friend for that matter). This way you truly do have a circle of trust where you are protected.…

Dagens citat


Man fragar sig om de traditionella Kama Sutra-stallningarna ocksa ska patenteras for att skyddas mot olovlig anvandning? Da galler det att vasteuropeiska sexologer skyndar sig att lagga beslag pa “The Rusty Trombone” och “The Dirty Sanchez” exempelvis, for att inte tala om skandinaviska traditioner som “Elvan” och “Pajala 69″.

Kameraovervakning i hemmen ar det sjalvklara sattet att se till att upphovsratten efterlevs pa detta omrade.

Laste det som kommentar till detta blogginlagg. Urklack av nagon som kallar sig “henke” vars hemsida ar har.…

Media execs, watch and learn from Crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll is a video site like YouTube but specialized in anime. I knew that Crunchyroll had been talking about going legit and that they were signing some content distribution deals but I really needed to see it to believe it. Before they worked sort of like YouTube (and in some ways I guess they still do) for anime and had quite a lot of questionable material (copyright-wise) on their site.

They now offer streaming shows in high quality from their site, one of the absolute coolest thing is something they call “simulacast”, this means you can one hour after the latest Naruto airs in Japan – watch it in 720P on their site.…

Danish ISPs forced to block Allofmp3.com

This is some scary and very unsettling shit.

“In a quiet legal proceeding that caught little in the way of media attention, the IFPI brought a civil lawsuit against Danish ISP Tele2, demanding the cessation of customer access to AllofMP3.com. Tele2 is one of Europe’s largest ISPs, and like anywhere else in the world, has its fair share of customers who enjoy the Russian gray market site. The IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) brought the lawsuit in hopes of forcing the ISP to block AllofMP3.com

Windows Media Sucks

I just read a very disturbing article about how Microsoft intend to further assrape you with DRM through their insanely shitty Windows Media Player (use the alternatives if your are not already). Once again I feel certain that Windows XP will be my last Windows system and after this move to Mac OS X or Linux. A quote from the article:

Read the links, the entire page is scary as hell, but the licensing part takes the cake. “Windows Media Player 11 does not permit you to back up your media usage rights (previously known as licenses)”, Wow, new terminology, old idea, you are a wallet with legs waiting to be raped.”