What a day..

First i had to wait 40 min for a cab that never showed. When i wentout and found a new one, that one got stuck in the snow struckgothenbourg. People in gbg seems overwhelmed each time they get a bitof powder. They all drive annoyingly slow which is only trulymotivated like half of the time. That being because half of the timethe roads turns to ice slush since the city of gbg strickly invests ingolf carts instead of snowplows it seems. Anyway, after enjoying agood hour long cab ride to work in 25km/h i was finally there. I didmy job and i rescheduled my departure taxi, expecting another longfine cab ride. This time it went pretty fast. My flight got stuckthough so i had to sit 1h 40min extra on the plane pre take off.Â

I love my job..Â

Oh am I bored

Spar Hotell


Man what a week this has been and still is. On monday I flew down to Gothenbourg, spent the day there and then went by train up to Stockholm. Spent the night in Morgana Crack & Conference hotell (if you’re wondering, it’s a refurbished bomb bunker from the seventies) and then had a meeting on tuesday. After that it was onto the train again where I divided my time between speaking on the cellphone about a business case for one of the projects I’m involved with and watching like seven episodes of South Park. Some Cartman goes a long way enduring a 50 minute delay.

I then went to where I am currently residing, or maybe dwelling is more of a proper term. Dwelling because I don’t like eating by myself in a restaurant, it’s sort of weird. So I usually just go out and buy something and bring back to my bat cave. Anyway I spent today in meeting again here in Gbg and will spend the entire day tomorrow in another meeting here, then it’s finally back to old sweet Sundsvall.

This place isn’t that bad actually, I’m just ripping on it because I can. It’s no Knaust Hotel but it’s a 2 minute walk from work which makes up for a lot (just as with Morgana).

Gbg all in all ain’t that bad but I’d rather stick a fork in my knee than work out of Farsta on a regular basis Farsta might be a case of the good old Swenglish actually,

” Far : stad”
A place far away from everything, where you don’t want to live, breathe or work. If it doesn’t pay really, really, ridiculously well.

Enough about this. How about some jokes?




Been workshopping in Växsjö for two days. If the word “workshop” was a person..he’d be a tool. Wikipedia states:

“A workshop is also a gathering or training session which may be several days in length. It emphasizes problem-solving, hands-on training, and requires the involvement of the participants. “

I’m so curious how the more down to earth definition:

“A workshop is a room or building which provides both the area and tools (or machinery) that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. Apart from the larger factories, workshops were the only places of production in the days before industrialisation. “

.. ended up in a corporate environment where you call almost any gatherings related to a task or a problem at hand with employees from different parts of an organization a “workshop”? Like why? “They were the only places of production in the days before…” – how did we go from that to the exact opposite of today? I’m not saying workshops are bad, I am saying though that they are not the place where actual productivity take place..and that it’s a stupid label (it’s a god damn meeting).

We’ve been talking about flowcharts. On that topic I’d like to point out how clumsy most of these tools are. And as with everything Microsoft Office, you have tools that are capable of tons but what users really need are a bare essential. I’ll argue that many Office products do more harm than good in a large corporate environment since the users are free to do whatever they like and as long as the user is defined by rules (and not physical limits set in place). More simplistic web products are more productive, easier to control and easier to collaborate around. Plus they’re dirt cheap.

Microsoft Visio for example can be extremely powerful if used right but it can also be pretty useless.The exported files from Visio 2003 are a mystery, generating a gazillion gif files, XML schemes and uses a JavaScript based solution for search.. which is all nice on it’s own but it doesn’t play well with other applications (say..any search engine that crawls basically). Why not simple HTML, what’s wrong with that? Why not an option for it at least? Hell why not Flash even? Anything but the shit it generates.

I sure as hell know what I would choose
if I started anything up in this day an age.

Ah anyway. Off to sleep.

Google Workshop tomorrow

I’ll be holding a Google Search Appliance workshop tomorrow for representatives from the intranet groups of Sweden, Denmark and Finland, outlining and explaining how to work with the GSA and also talk about designing with search in mind. It’ll be interesting and a good chance to present ways to improve the current structure which leaves much to be wished for. It wouldn’t be a bad gig to work more on these issues, to be able to focus instead of being all over the place with self service, document revision systems,etc. Eh..anyway. Gonna watch The Dresden Files, s01e03.