Differences in Playstation 3 store USA and EU

 Big differences in the US and EU versions of the Playstation 3 store

Are the guys at SCEE lazy or what?

Since I work with GUI and information (which is hard to believe looking at this ugly blog I know) I had been looking forward to the new Playstation 3 store. I was looking forward to a new and improved structure and the preview functionality. Imagine my surprise when I noticed after upgrading that, so far, the European Playstation 3 store is considerably worse than the US store.

Please Sony, get your act together.…


Got some messages and heard some buzz about this site so I decided to sign up and see what is was about. Some really nice backend work done to this site, it’s like a pro, clean MySpace I guess. Anyway, I found a song I really liked by Jonny on the rocks, check out the song Space between.…