Oh tenenbaum


Man Oliver is getting so good at drawing. Drawing objects is usually between 3-5 years and often later than three. He even drew in the christmas balls. Can’t help to wonder how it might have looked if he had more than one color on his pencil. He drew it all by himself and then explained that it was a christmas tree with balls and he even talked about how one was missing because it fell down (he crashed a ball on our tree).…

Vanilla syrup


Usually I buy Monin vanilla syrup. But it’s expensive as shit.. I figured for that kind of money I might as well make it myself with a really nice piece of eco vanilla straight from Tahiti

Home made vanilla syrup

Also made a batch with Ceylon cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamom & tahiti vanilla

Four days of snow


It has been snowing more or less non-stop for four days. Every morning and evening I have to shuvel snow from the yard. Not even a single breeze either so the light powder snow hangs from the trees, cars and buildings.

In the background of this photo you can see a table.. that’s an outdoor ping-pong table and a basketball cage.. anyone up for a match?…

Snowy january


So no snow in december, seems like everything drops now in january instead. We must have got almost half a meter of powder the last day or two.…



-15.5C and a 6km stroll through winter wonderland at night. White frosted beard and crunchy snow, all lit by a pale moon light sometimes struggling to reach out behind clouds heavy with snow.. pure magic…

Zalman ZM400A-APF


It held out for 10 years and then just stopped working. Good stuff I must say for a super quiet PSU from 2003.…

It ain’t over yet


Oliver just got a candy cane from the tree. Of course he wanted to sit where we found him one christmas morning.. in front of the tree.

I think he might come to love christmas as much as his old man.…