Clothes, weather and cleaning

Picture 4This friday we went into town shopping and I got myself some wedding clothes. Don’t really know why Linda and others were so darn worried I wouldn’t find anything, like there isn’t plenty of stores in Sundsvall. Went to Stromssons and the whole thing took like an hour.

We also picked up the 6×12 meter tent which we are goin to set up tomorrow, monday. The weather in Stode seems to be in our favor (knock on wood) so we’re really, really hoping to be outside.…

Bachelor party

Bachelor party, originally uploaded by lars och linda.

Thanks you guys for an awesome bachelor party. We did Go Kart,
Laserdome and I rode a huge cock – awesome. Then we had a nice game of
Paintball that lasted for like hours. At the end I screwed up my left
foot and Linda came to get me. I thought about going to the emergency
but we concluded, after having Max hamburgers and going to the city
that it might not be neccerary.…

Ny brollopssajt

Nu har jag lagt upp en ny sajt. Gav upp med Google sites da det bara strulade tyckte jag. Fortraffligt tillfalle att fa testa iWeb lite vilket funkar klockrent! I just put up a new site for our wedding.…