Speed up Safari 4

Safari 3 started up a whole lot faster than Safari 4 final and it’s been annoying me up until now. Disable some of the rather useless eyecandy for Safari 4 to restore the more speedier Safari:

Bring back old progress bar, this I don’t do for speed but because the old one actually showed PROGRESS which the new one does not

defaults write com.apple.Safari DebugSafari4IncludeToolbarRedesign -bool FALSE No go, doesn’t work :(

Disable bookmarks cover flow. Who uses bookmarks anyway?

defaults write com.apple.Safari

Keywurl + tv.nu

I use a dashboard thingy (EPG) to see what’s on TV but I don’t really have all of the channels there since it would fill up my entire dashboard. Today I wondered if there isn’t some way I could use Keywurl or something else to be able to just type in like “tv tv4film” in my Safari location-bar and get info on what was on that channel at the moment. Turned out it was really simple. I could just use Keywurl and the regular tv.nu…