Microsoft kills Sony

Microsoft eats them up. Seriously Sony. Do you have any idea how much you suck? Fix the following and all is forgiven:

  • Universal voice. As it is we use Ichat or Skype to smoothly get a game started.. on a separate laptop. It’s embarrassing. Seriously what function does your current voice/video support fill? Do you think you can compete with Skype and so on? You think I want to have your power hungry, quite noisy beast running all damn day when I can just use my laptop or Mac Mini which consumes about as much power as a couple of light bulbs.

Army Of Two

 Heh. Army of two has quite the amount of bugs (it crashed two times at the end of somalia and it crashes now and then) and it sort of sucks to play with the Sixaxis instead of a mouse and keyboard.  Despite all this it is still the most fun I’ve had with the Playstation 3 so far I think. Well it’s atleast way up there on the fun scale!Now if only EA could get their heads out of their asses and give us stuff like being able to adjust ingame music and sfx…and if only Sony could get their shit together and implement in-game XMB and better VoIP. …