Mouse sensitivity MW3 bug fix


Update dec 2012:
This issue also exists in Black Ops 2 but it’s a bit more subtle/rare – the fix is the same though!

I used to have some problem
with the mouse sensitivity in MW3 skyrocketing and then being normal and then skyrocket again and so on.

I read on various forums that turning off FRAPS would help, only problem is I dont use FRAPS or have any software like that running. Also read that lowering the pulling rate on my gaming mouse would help – I did not care for this since its one of the reasons I bought it.…

My first MOAB

Ended the parental leave with a nice game of MW3. To my surprise I got a MOAB :) Awfully sick of people bitching about cheaters however, they ruin the game more than actual cheaters (to my knowledge I’ve only met one or two and one glitcher).…