OLW ÄLSKAR att gora barn feta

Sahar tycker nog Marcus Thollin pa OLW att barn ska se ut

Laste just artikeln pa Aftonbladet om OLW och deras sinnessjuka GDA markning. Marcus Thollin, marknadschef och uppenbar syltrygg svarar pa fragan varfor dom marker ut en portion chips som 25 gram:

25 gram ar industrins rekommendation for en balanserad kost.

Ja men vad trevligt Marcus! Att “industrin” har beslutat att 25 gram ar en rekommenderad portion chips. Innebar det att ni maste skriva ut det pa era chipspasar bara darfor?…

Watch Food Inc

Shit like this almost makes me want to go vegan. I’m going to start pay even more attention to what I eat and vote with my wallet for the kind of future I want to leave behind for my kids. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t nec. feel that GMO is a bad thing, but the patent wars that ensue, farmers no being able to save seeds – that is fucking evil. I also don’t really want to eat animals that have been treated like shit and without respect..chickens…