Split Fish Frag FX Rev 2 Review

So I just got my Frag Fx Rev 2 yesterday and it performs a lot better than I actually expected (then again, I was NOT expecting a true mouse/keyboard emulator). In general looking up/down works somewhat less as well as looking to the sides..but it still works a WHOLE lot better than the PS3 controls for an old PC FPS gamer. Here are the list of games (most of em the demos) I have tried it with so far along with my reactions:

Killzone 2
Sluggish, not the best of the bunch that’s for sure.…

Man som hatar kvinnor

Actually a very decent movie. The characters lifted this otherwise pretty standard Swedish mystery murder movie. For being a swedish movie I give this 8/10, maybe the good company of Linda and the free dinner leading up to the movie adds a point. I did have a problem with the very strong rape/abuse scenes in the movie which I found maybe a little bit over the top. I had fun later though :)…


Yah I know. Movie aimed towards teen girls probably. What can I say though…I’m a sucker
for vampire flicks. Easily 7/10. I haven’t seen close to a decent vampire flick in..like..ages which
might be why I give this some extra cred.…

Punisher War Zone is a movie for men

I'm so fucking bad ass watching me will physically injure your TV-set

So this might possibly be the hardest movie ever. The Punisher makes Rambo look like a she-male on steroids and the other Punisher movies like after school specials. Ray Stevenson does a perfect “old dirty bastard” Punisher which is THE version of Mr Castle. Freaking awesome movie and I laughed my ass off so many times in sheer joy over the excessive brutal violence. See it NOW. 10/10

I only wished I had watched this with a few friends and a few beers to make it even better!…

Generation Kill

Generation Kill Poster

You have got to watch this badboy. It’s a seven part mini series from HBO based of the book with the same name from author Evan Wright’s about his experiences as an embedded reporter with the United States Marine Corps’ 1st Reconnaissance Battalion during the Iraq war’s first phase in 2003. Oh and I really thought the actor playing Iceman did a great job, I later looked him up and found out that it was none other than Swede Alexander Skarsgard.…