Spelt & Rye Swedish Pancakes

Spelt & Rye Swedish Pancakes

Had no wheat flour at home so I tried with rye and spelt flour instead, worked great. Next time I’ll cut down on the milk a tad though since wheat binds better and the fibers adds weight which can make the pancakes break more easily when flipping em.

1 dl rye flour
1.5 dl spelt flour
6 dl whole milk
3-4 melted tblspoons of butter
3 eggs

And then I usally also add in a little kruskakli, basically 100% fiber bran…

Watch Food Inc

Shit like this almost makes me want to go vegan. I’m going to start pay even more attention to what I eat and vote with my wallet for the kind of future I want to leave behind for my kids. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t nec. feel that GMO is a bad thing, but the patent wars that ensue, farmers no being able to save seeds – that is fucking evil. I also don’t really want to eat animals that have been treated like shit and without respect..chickens…