On the subject of Adobe and Flash and Apple

I just read a little something by Grant Skinner and what I don’t get is why not open source the player if it’s such a head ache for Adobe that some people make it seem? Because of course its profitable not to. See if it was open source there would be a LOT more “respect” throwed around than when you essentially lock your customers in and dont give them a choice. This is why I am frustrated with Adobe as with many other companies that has any form of monopoly, a history thereof or are part of an ogliopoly.…

Weekend LAN

Weekend Lan

I’ve had a great weekend playing some computer games with my friends. After fucking around with Cider Ports and CrossWeaver for Games and Urban Terror I had enough and this morning I got up and installed Boot Camp. Both Martin and Jorgen did the same, Jorgen however ended up with some trouble and it took us basically the whole day of fiddeling around to get everything working. But this time we are ready for the next LAN.

Apple and Mac might be great for a lot of stuff but unfortunately it is still true that if you want a hassle free gaming experience you have to go Windows.…

Macbook Pro battery blows

Man I am ANNOYED. I just checked my battery health in Istat Pro and noticed I had a battery health of 58% and a 103 cycles. That is fucking ridiculous, I swapped to a new battery in june last year. Linda, who has never swapped her battery has a battery health of 100% (!?) and that battery is 2 years old this june. Linda only had a meager 154 cycles though so I’m thinking I will never ever turn my laptop off again since that doesn’t seem healthy for my battery.…

Boot Camp experience

Today I did the unspeakable act of installing Windows onto an Apple machine.
It made me feel like a dirty little girl is what it did..is what it did.

Anyway, the process wasn’t exactly painless since I after the first install got the “no disk error” which appearantly popped up because I was supposed to somehow figure out that I was supposed to re-format the partition that the boot camp guide pre-formated for me (uhm..). After I reformated (that is, deleting the partition that boot camp made and re-created it during win setup) I tried again and this time got another error message.…

iPhoto’09 – exporting tags and multiple sets to Flickr

Faces – I want it to autotag (or add keywords)
Using the new feature “Faces” it would certainly be USEFUL if there were atleast an option in iPhoto to allow it to add in keywords for the person you tagged. As it is now you first identify your peeps using Faces and then you have to manually add the keywords to your “Faces”, if I don’t do that none of my photos will be tagged when uploading to Flickr. Pretty fucking lame!

Automator folder action upload to ftp

Automator ftw!


I haven’t really tried out folder actions all that much but today I decided to give it a whirl. Usually when I write a blog I’ll end up wanting some movie poster..or like with this post, an icon, to go along with whatever crap I’m writing. I don’t really like hotlinking images from others since I wouldn’t really like anyone to hotlink my stuff and steal bandwidth.

So lately I have been downloading whatever image that I want to use and then upload it to a Google Pages account that I have and then linking to that image – this because I don’t really want to host these random images myself.…

No news day tomorrow

I’d rather not read the news from the keynote tomorrow but instead watch the Keynote when it is available. Why  don’t apple just make it available as a podcast? Can anyone please create a service or something that could alert me when the video is available :) ? Maybe I’ll just build a scraper of the Apple Events page. For now I just added the vital parts from that page into a web clip and put it on my dashboard.…