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I got a note from the swedish tax agency..or however you wanna translate that.. stating that I owed them like 2000 bucks.. which sorta ticked me off since I had already payed them that. Got a bit freaked out but turned out they had made a mistake and I actually owed them 10 bucks..

“CSN”: took it sweet time to give me money, in fact I still haven’t got them. The magic paper, signed by the school insuring that I am in fact a student there..…

pushing forward & harder

Most people chill the fuck out when on hollidays, me, I go on a diet and a strict workout routine. See I don’t have the time and energy for this when I’m in school, well.. to an extent, but not to do it the way I want to. Kicking off the day with cardio and finishing it up with weights just don’t work when you got school and boring shit in between.

New goal is the infamous sixpack by summer 2005.…

vacation is here .

So finally holliday vacation is here and no school until the fourth of january. Beautiful. Gonna spend a tiny bit of time on this thing and add some links to previous posts and stuff. Maybe. I’ll definetely get the backbone of my homepage going so I can start adding stuff there.. read: images.

The roomie had a shitty week and needed to blow some steam. Said and done, got our drink on last night. Been spending the entire day eating and watching “Scrubs”:…

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finally i am done .

Agh. I’ve had some intense work days behind me. Lot’s of missed sleep and workout :/ But whatcha gonna do..

Anyway today me and “mr Jim”: booked a “hotel”:
today in Las Vegas for new years. Gonna stay between the 29th to the 1st. I’ll spend xmas in Los Angeles or Hollywood.

Sort of finished my work today I’ll post a link to the website later when it has been approved by the customer.

Anyway. It’s hella late..or early depening on how u see it.…

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I am like bored n stuff

I’m sorta bored. Working on this website, which, like most work, tends to get old after a while. Also been doing this nonstop for a while so it gets real old.. real fast. Almost done tho.

Made some owen pancake..the thick version you know.. gonna bring it to school tomorrow.. we’re bringing food instead of having a final for one of my courses.. heh.. well it’s better than a final..

Got a nice tree in our place now, the real deal too..…

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good times .

Just taken Jimbo to the greyhound, it’s early as shit and we only got like 2 hours of sleep down, was up talking shit all last night way too long. It’s a mixed feeling getting back, sort of empty, it was really nice seeing mr Jim again, it’s like having a piece of home around you know heh.

Had a good week, lots of fun, now it’s back to reality and work for a week then finally winter vacation. Can’t wait to get out of school for a while.…

A lil more hungover .

Ugh. Short updates continued.

Was in SF yesterday, Alcatraz closed early, we’ll do
that next time.

Went to Santa Cruz at like 19.oo in the evening last night,
Mr Jim got in the mood with a couple of beers before leaving. He then managed to crack one open in the glove compartment, as we were on the road, leaving my car with a nice aroma. Cleaned it up tho and threw in a Wünderbaum.

Got to SC at like 9, had a few, went out, were out until the bars closed down.…

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Hungover and stuff .

Hey. Extremley short update. Mr Jim arrived yesterday around 23.30. We had some vodka at around 2.. and well.. we went to bed at like 8, let’s just leave it at that. Oh and Mc Mike, sorry for the phone terror but yes, we do love ya.. and if we called anybody else, sorry for that too.

Not much happened today. Slept to six. Saw “National Treasure”:

Im too tired.