anna nicole video – new site – etc

Appearantly Anna Nicole decided to drop her clothes at the MTV awards in Sydney and flash those big bouncy silicon boobs only covered by the MTV logo, “here is the video for that little show”: . Funny lady. I can just hear that US commercial ringing in the back of my head.

“Want money?”
“Want my body?”
“Trimspa baby!”

I’m rebuilding the site today. Finally landed on a new layout. It’s gonna be grreeate. That’s pirate-irish “great”. Ok it will be lame but atleast nicer than this heap of poop.

Haha I just wrote poop.


Hey. I’m working on a new layout. Yeah. Again. And again. And again. Will probably end up moving the blog back to a subsection. Well I think. I don’t know.

Bought a book.. “The Figure”:
The new digiboard is tons of fun but I need some darn practice.

Bought a game, “Counter-Strike Source”: is still fun.. heh.

More later.

the leaving song

Well. That’s about it. Spent the day in San Francisco with Liam checking out stores and just relaxing. Drank my last Starbucks frap for a while. Also actually bought two sweaters at Fcuk… sucker for sales… they barley made it into the packing.

Had some Fuddruckers…awesome burgers… and then watched Constantine..which I really liked. I have not read the comic tho, appearantly a good thing coz otherwise you hate the movie. Shocker. Anyways..go see it..

Flight leaves in like 13 hours and I’m gonna try to sleep.
Exhausted from walking around and finalising the packing..this fucking virus makes you crazy tired and in an uncomfortable headachy way.

Anyway..bags all packed..with straps around them and silver tape.
It’s a weird weird feeling.

Can’t wait to get home.
Image is from today..stopped at Twin Peaks.

raining and stuff

Been a quite slow day. Was raining a lot so I decided to let the roomie sleep in since there were no point in going into SF and walk around when it’s pouring.

Finished Kotor and was quite disappointed with the end which was far too easy. In general the game was easy. Maybe the light side is harder.

Anyway.. we went to “Fry’s”: and got some computer parts for liams folks.. they’re buying my chassi and monitor..and I’ll build em a puter around it. Also got myself a treat from Amazon today, namely a nice big “Wacom Intuos3 9X12”:

The tablet seems absolutley awesome, and hell it better be for that
price. It’s however like 200+ bucks cheaper than back home. Next buy is defintely a Canon digital camera.. I’m especially looking at the Digital Rebell. The new Olympus PRO1 seems interesting too..not as nice quality as the EOS300/Rebell… but 8 MPixel sure is nice.

Anyway. I’m off to bed. Long day of packing and screwing around with a computer tomorrow. Literally.

Oh yes. Just saw _House of Flying Daggers_ and found it quite boring. And as usual the drama is a tad ambitious – ie gay.

One week of waves

Not that I surf of anything. But one week left of looking at them. One week left until I go back. Tomorrow it’s down to Santa Cruz for the last time… in a good while.. Been playing _a lot_ of SW:Kotor 2 .. it’s entertaining in the same way Diablo II was.. fun to get to build up a character.

Anyone listened to “Denali”: ? Well I’ve been listening to their stuff since I found them some months ago.. they have some sweet tunes. They broke up tho but fortunaly a new band have risen from the ashes… check out “Bella Lea”: .. and listen to _The Mess_ . Good shit. Oh and “Maura Davis”: is frikkin slammin gorgeous.

As you might have noticed this website reports the time of posting in western european time.. I’m way to lazy to care and besides it’ll become true soon enough. Working on the gallery section.. or well, it’s pretty much done in all it’s simplicity.. I’m just working on what will happen when you do click the thumbnail… I’m trying to avoid popups here. I want a small Flash thumbnail thingy which leads to showing the jpg… but I’ll add that in later on. First priority is just getting stuff up.

As you might know or not know “Star-Trek Enterprise”: was canceled by UPN like a week ago. I’ve watched the show and it’s not really surprising it’s getting dumped, the initial show writers should be bent over and smacked for their incoherent bullshit.

This season, with new writers, has improved a lot tho and it sucks that it has to go. I’m sure Trek will be back in some form but with the fucking non-existant patience at the networks one can ask when that will be. I mean if this fails..who knows..TOS ended 1969, TNG came on 1987.. Will I be wathcing the next ST incarnation with my kids I wonder. Anyway…it’s “amazing what folks”: will do to keep their favourite show alive.

Read about more snow storms in Sweden.
Sure feels far away..

me, lethal darkside nerd

Been playing “Star-Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2”: most of the day, cool game. Absolutley not cool tho when you forget to save… I’ve pounded the keyboard and desktop good today..
My character is well on his way down the dark path of the force..moahaha (is there anyone who plays a game goodie-tooshie when you can insult and virtually murder innocent people instead?).

Also been doing some sketching on a poster thingy the old man wanted me to look at. Listening to “The Bravery”: .. seems like a pretty sweet band. It’s a shame tho.. Kent toured the US too early, it’s like now bands heavy with their influences are popping up all over..The Killers…Kills…and now The Bravery.. Well, doesn’t really matter.. Kent would probably go and suck if they hit it too frikkin big.

Also nice with bands and sing/song-writers who sticks to Swedish. The local tounge hits harder.

Been listening a lot to old Bush albums too.. well mainly _the science of things_ and Anna Ternheim found her way into my playlist yesterday too and stuck on repeat for a while.

If you haven’t seen the FF4 trailer, “check it out”: .. looks pretty sweet. Or is it just me..comics anyone…no? Oh not to mention the new Batman Begin trailer that aired during superbowl sunday…mgah (same link). Going to check out Constantine the day before I take off… “Neo gone demon hunter”… seems interesting.