Yah I know. Movie aimed towards teen girls probably. What can I say though…I’m a sucker
for vampire flicks. Easily 7/10. I haven’t seen close to a decent vampire flick which
might be why I give this some extra cred.…

Punisher War Zone is a movie for men

I'm so fucking bad ass watching me will physically injure your TV-set

So this might possibly be the hardest movie ever. The Punisher makes Rambo look like a she-male on steroids and the other Punisher movies like after school specials. Ray Stevenson does a perfect “old dirty bastard” Punisher which is THE version of Mr Castle. Freaking awesome movie and I laughed my ass off so many times in sheer joy over the excessive brutal violence. See it NOW. 10/10

I only wished I had watched this with a few friends and a few beers to make it even better!…

Sex Drive movie review

Pretty darn funny if you ask me (not as funny if you ask Linda). 8/10
Watched the unrated version. Kind of weird with the random nude chicks running around though.. :)…

The Beast is crap


Seriously weak show. I just stopped thinking about something else after 15 minutes. Flimsy direction. Patrick does a good job of course but it just can’t help a weak script and weak direction. Lousy. 2/10…

Splinter movie review


Splinter Poster
Splinter Poster

Pretty darn gross movie. Not great but not all that bad either, some really stupid parts and so on but all in all I give i 6/10.…



Loved it! Supreme animation and art.. and what a cute and FUNNY story
(how about that giant nerd hamster huh? I only wish Jack Black had done
the voice for him). Awesome family flick.…