Weekend LAN

Weekend Lan

I’ve had a great weekend playing some computer games with my friends. After fucking around with Cider Ports and CrossWeaver for Games and Urban Terror I had enough and this morning I got up and installed Boot Camp. Both Martin and Jörgen did the same, Jörgen however ended up with some trouble and it took us basically the whole day of fiddeling around to get everything working. But this time we are ready for the next LAN.

Apple and Mac might be great for a lot of stuff but unfortunately it is still true that if you want a hassle free gaming experience you have to go Windows.…

Use Mac VNC client on Windows VNC servers

If you find Windows Remote Desktop annoying with the constant logging in/out (and don’t care to much to patch it for concurrent connections) you’re most likely going to go with VNC for that Windows install of yours.

Here is a tip, if you are running a VNC install on your Windows machine, say TightVNC, you can then in Finder just go to the menu and select “Go” and “Connect to server” (or just do COMMAND+K). You can then type in vnc://your.ip.adress:port


Do you facecamp? Do you punk?

Yesterday when me and some random dude, Axel (pronounced “ASS-el”),  started a conversation in a comment thread of an old study mate of mine I realised we – inadvertedly - had invented a new phenomen. Perhaps people have been doing it for a while but me thinks none have invented this nice catch-phrase for it and therefore I rule and yes I invented it. It is awesome.


Two people having a random or related conversation about a subject in a comment thread on anything in Facebook.

Keywurl + tv.nu

I use a dashboard thingy (EPG) to see what’s on TV but I don’t really have all of the channels there since it would fill up my entire dashboard. Today I wondered if there isn’t some way I could use Keywurl or something else to be able to just type in like “tv tv4film” in my Safari location-bar and get info on what was on that channel at the moment. Turned out it was really simple. I could just use Keywurl and the regular tv.nu…