Microsoft kills Sony

Microsoft eats them up. Seriously Sony. Do you have any idea how much you suck? Fix the following and all is forgiven:

  • Universal voice. As it is we use Ichat or Skype to smoothly get a game started.. on a separate laptop. It’s embarrassing. Seriously what function does your current voice/video support fill? Do you think you can compete with Skype and so on? You think I want to have your power hungry, quite noisy beast running all damn day when I can just use my laptop or Mac Mini which consumes about as much power as a couple of light bulbs.

Split Fish Frag FX Rev 2 Review

So I just got my Frag Fx Rev 2 yesterday and it performs a lot better than I actually expected (then again, I was NOT expecting a true mouse/keyboard emulator). In general looking up/down works somewhat less as well as looking to the sides..but it still works a WHOLE lot better than the PS3 controls for an old PC FPS gamer. Here are the list of games (most of em the demos) I have tried it with so far along with my reactions:

Killzone 2
Sluggish, not the best of the bunch that’s for sure.…

Palm Pre ftw

I think it looks just awesome! So great to finally see something that really seems like a competitor to the iPhone (and no, I’m not counting the Storm as one since BlackBerries are rare here). Me thinks that Apple has a few tricks up their sleeve and as evident by their patents they were actually going to use that “dead” surface of their touch screen sooner or later. We’ll see when we get the “iPhone 2,1“…

Rix FM MMS Stream on Sony PSP

Phew. That was a MAJOR pain in the ass. After going through all different kinds of solutions including the homebrews (PSPRadio and another one) and using the custom internet radio..and TVersity… and trying to transcode with VLC I finally….FINALLY got it to work.

My mission was simple, get the mms:// (windows media) stream of Rix FM to work on my Sony PSP (running the latest firmware). I really didn’t think it would take me like 10 hours :) What I am now using is Orb running on a virtualized XP install on my Mac Mini.…

Telia adjust prices for mobile surf and new iPhone plan emerges

Telia Logo

Ah. Not a day too early. Telia, TeliaSoneras brand in Sweden are today adjusting their mobile surf prices and now you pay a maximum of 9 SEK (approx 1.1 USD) per day when you surf on your cell. This in stark contrast of before today when you were forced to use a custom portal called SurfPort in order not pay a steep price per MB when surfing online unless you had a special surf service.

SurfPort would have been a great idea a few years back, today it’s an outdated and confusing concept especially for a customer with a modern phone with a good browser such as the iPhone.…

Media execs, watch and learn from

Crunchyroll is a video site like YouTube but specialized in anime. I knew that Crunchyroll had been talking about going legit and that they were signing some content distribution deals but I really needed to see it to believe it. Before they worked sort of like YouTube (and in some ways I guess they still do) for anime and had quite a lot of questionable material (copyright-wise) on their site.

They now offer streaming shows in high quality from their site, one of the absolute coolest thing is something they call “simulacast”, this means you can one hour after the latest Naruto airs in Japan – watch it in 720P on their site.…

MobiSpine är ute och cyklar

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Läste en artikel idag på IDG om MobiSpine som önskar bli nästa Ericsson eller Google. Viktigt med fantasi och visioner men skulle även säga att resultat och produkter spelar in. Förstår inte vad MobiSpine producerar som är banbrytande eller ens intressant för den delen.

RSS läsare som kan brandas och leva i många skärmar.. och? Skulle det vara innovation (idag)? 

Väntan på en regnig busshållplats. Du hivar upp mobilen och vill mobilsurfa. Hur börjar du? Du klickar fram några bokmärken, Aftonbladet och Expressen.