Eyes, Stupidity & Greed

Anyone seen the new show “Eyes”:http://www.tvtome.com/Eyes by
John McNamara who prevously created the all-too-fast put down show
“Fastlane”:http://www.tvtome.com/Fastlane ? No? It’s awesome and needs
to be peeked at. The lead sometimes borders on overacting/being silly but
pulls it off.. he could use to be more serious and less Mr Clever.

If you’re swedish and don’t want to read something stupid, then don’t read this article at IDG where
this fellow talks about how the big loosers in the era of filesharing is..…

The APB & Bahnhof

*Piracy. Yarr!*
A deal has been struck between the ISP Bahnhof and the Anti-Piracy Bureau of Sweden (APB in short).

This, somewhat peculiar newsitem on the swedish evening news magazine “Aftonbladet”:http://www.aftonbladet.se caught my eye today. It seems that the various posts I’ve read hypothesizing that APB will make the “claims”:https://www.lasseman.se/?id=52 by “Bahnhof”:http://www.bahnhof.se dimish and disappear were right on target.

What started as a huge raid against the Swedish ISP resulting in the seizing of computers acting as FTP servers, various flaming, blame and claims being made today all came to an abrubt and silent stop.…

The issue of Piracy

As previously mentioned political parties in Sweden have started taking interest in the currently very active debate about piracy and the new law that will legally prohibit the citizens of sweden to download copyright protected music and movies off the net.

The latest party to join in the discussion is the “Green Party”:http://www.mp.se/templates/template_78.asp_Q_avdnr_E_12131_A_number_E_34325_A_avdelning_E_12146 of Sweden. They recently “issued a statement (swe)”:http://www.mp.se/templates/template_78.asp_Q_avdnr_E_5_A_number_E_71144 where they not only stated they did not want this new law to pass, but they also want to make it legal to not only download copyright protected music & movies, but to upload / share them with other people on the internet.…

Yarr! Swe Pirates | Slashdot

“Back to start..”:http://www.lasseman.se

*Yarr! Swedish Pirates – what’s the fuss?*

To clarify and to shed some light on why the issue of piracy has become so big lately in swedish media it is mainly because of the recent raids made by an organisation who calls themselves “The Anti-Piracy Bureau”. Now this is an organisation that has nothing to do with the Swedish goverment or has any special legal privileges. They’re simply a lobby organisation representing big entertainment labels. This makes it even more strange when they seemingly get the swedish police to follow their lead..…

Planted Evidence?

Update: The parties invovled in this reached a settlement
I’ve been having some Slashdot effects. Should work better now. On a sidenote, I personally think PiratbyrÃ¥n (freely translated “the piracy bureau” the Swedish so-called counter part of APB) blows just about as bad as the swedish bureau of anti-piracy. Downloading copyright protected material off BitTorrent isn’t cool, hip or trendy.. unless you’re 12 and revolting against the big bad world and your folks. Might be practical for some.. but no..it won’t make you cool, part of “the scene” or an awesome outlaw admired by the ladies or your fellow nerds (which might just be the same thing).…