Ipod + webcam = noodles

Ever bought anything on impulse? Well I bought a “20gb Ipod”:http://www.apple.com/ipod/ today completley on impulse. I was going to Circuit City for a webcam.. and that’s when I saw it.. sitting there… in it’s little white shiny box with multi-colored text.. and after going back and forth, back and forth I finally caved. Now it’s gonna be noodles for the rest of the month until “CSN”:http://www.csn.se/english/default.asp kicks in.

I’m glad I bought it, it’s typically something I would not buy since I do not really need it (I’ve got an old Rio 64mb mp3 player and an Iriver SlimX IMP-350 Mp3 CD-Player and they both work fine)..…

Not much news today .

Weow. Been a long day today. Doing schoolwork all day since 9AM and only had like 3 hours of sleep tonight, stayed up late last night with the help of our new Barista coffe maker (manual I’m afraid) and some fine Intenzo blend right from the native country.. well not really.. but still..

Been listening even more to “The Streets”:http://www.google.com?q=the+streets and damn the new albums brilliant.

Just spent a couple of hours completley chilling out, Liam cooked some fucking splendid food and a monster entré with mozarella, avocado, tomato and pasta with nuts and balsam vinegar…agh..I…

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A lot of stuff going on

I got myself a new blog. It’s powered by “Textpattern”:http://www.textpattern.com , coz I’m just to lazy to write my own.. besides…why reinvent the wheel. Not sure how often I’ll update bu this is all RSS and stuff so the people who actually read feeds will just be able to enter this one in.

In case you noticed something has happened to the root of the site also.. and yes, it looks like you’re supposed to click the button but you’re not..flash…

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