Love hurts


Oliver seems to have caught the flu or something akin to it. He has been running a fever around 40C (104F) and coughing. Today we went to the doctor to check the lungs and they tested for both viral and bacterial pneumonia which was negative.

Last night he woke up basically every hour and coughed and cried and was hot as coal. Not until 5 in the morning he finally passed out and got a good five hours sleep.

We have been lucky enough that Oliver hasn’t really been sick before now. I loath it when he is sick. You’re so helpless. And I think that because it’s so uncommon for him to feel that way he can’t really wrap his head around it either. Hopefully he will sleep a bit better tonight now that he can sort of recognize the feeling and feel more at peace with the fact that “I’m sick..I can’t play well and I need to sleep”.

Sounds weird maybe but that’s sort of the way we’ve felt it has worked with him earlier. He is a tiny elephant in the way he learns and remembers things quickly (if he hits himself on something he will quickly walk circles around that object.