End of summer

End of summer

As the rowanberries start to pop red and orange all over, a sure-fire sign thay autumn in Sweden is closing in, I’ll have my last day of vacation tomorrow.

Sucks :/

I like my job but now that we have Oliver I feel like I could be with him for a couple of years. Every day brings something new.

As usual I haven’t managed to finish all the stuff I had planned. Still need to clean the garage, finish the ventilation in the gym and finish off digging away the bushes on the back beside the small storage building we have.

On a brighter note Oliver walked a lot today :)

He started walking around by himself also after walking between me and Linda for a while. He seems to be realising he can catch himself and that it doesn’t hurt at all.. Wouldn’t surprise me if he started walking about on his own much more in the next weeks.