Kevin Dent, CEO of Tiswaz Entertainment from the article on The Verge

“This isn’t a thing where it’s hip to own a Prius. When you want a gaming machine, you want a Hummer, in terms of the environmental impact. You want the EPA coming to your house and saying you’re violating so many laws because you’re using so much power on that gaming rig. That’s what we do as gamers. We want power.”

I partially agree. But people also wants simplicity and more efficient designs that can be always on/paused without a 100-450W drain. For casual gaming or younger audiences I also think that It will be hard to disrupt the short life cycle of mobile phones. The prime reason I could see Apple not going into the “console” business is that cell phones will be bought and picked up at a much faster rate than consoles. I think for a cheap console such as the Ouya to be successfull it needs to be bundled with a broadband offering / streaming games, that way it can be almost free every two years.

If I was Apple I’d just put a dock on the Apple TV and make it an option to just dock your iPhone to the TV and use it as a console with a third party/first party controller. The first party controller could be a slightly modified Apple Remote (think Nintendo 8 bit but cleaner).. then let third party explode.

Nintendo – are you listening? Dare to canabalize and disrupt your own revenue stream or die a slow death as hardware maker and join Sega as a software developer.