Chester twisted claw


On the third Chester twisted his claw located on the top of his heel badly. He screamed so loud I thought he had broken his bone. A dogs claws are very sensitive since they have loads of nerve endings in them. Anyway, I called Djurkliniken in Sundsvall the same day and got an emergency time slot the day after.

Claw removed

The morning after he was sedated and they removed his bad claw. He also got Rimadyl (pain relief and anti inflammatory) which we tried but since he woke up in the middle of the night and crapped all over the living room as a side-effect we stopped giving it to him since he did not seem to be so bothered by his amputated claw. Two days later and after a good long uninterruped nights sleep he seems quite healthy, eats, drinks and plays.

Chester as little

You quickly get reminded of just how much you love your dog when he is in pain. Can’t belive he was this tiny once.