On the subject of Adobe and Flash and Apple

I just read a little something by Grant Skinner and what I don’t get is why not open source the player if it’s such a head ache for Adobe that some people make it seem? Because of course its profitable not to. See if it was open source there would be a LOT more “respect” throwed around than when you essentially lock your customers in and dont give them a choice. This is why I am frustrated with Adobe as with many other companies that has any form of monopoly, a history thereof or are part of an ogliopoly. This is why customers used to (and a lot still) dislike Microsoft, AT&T, Vattenfall, ComCast and even my own employer Telia.

This is why I dig companies such as MindTouch and others that have an open source core with Enterprise options/closed source built around it, and has a product that generates an output built in standards readable by all (in MindTouch case XML/XHTML).

To say that Adobe deserve respect and so on is true, all human beings deserve respect (plus Photoshop kicks ass…even though they are really bloating down their CS). To say that Adobe deserves CREDIT for being business savvy, buying up sweet IP, developing this IP and making good decions to get where they are now is equally true. But we are all doing them a HUGE favor by bitching and moaning. This all helps to give rise to popular opinion and in the end – options. For Adobe, just like with any other company that gets negative attention from its customers, it becomes crystal – it’s do or die time. And yes, everyone using a Flash Player IS a customer.

In the end I think Apple are actually doing the web as a tool for communication a favor by NOT including support for a closed prop. system that is A) WIDELY misused and B) a resource hog that for me in 90% of the time is making my browser blink, pop and crackle when I don’t want it too (ads). And I really couldn’t care less about Flash games.

To say that a user can uninstall Flash on their workstation/laptop if they don’t like it..well that’s kind of childish, that’s like me not getting any electricity from a company I dislike – see I can’t.. because I like hot showers .. just like to watch embedded web video. But believe me when those video sites go full frontal HTML5, my Flash player will go the same way Macromedia Shockwave player did a long time ago. Or maybe I won’t, maybe things will shape up and they will kick ass. Just look at what their doing with Flash 5 and converting AS to IPA.

Anyway. I don’t mind the “i-platform”, here I do get a choice because companies are FORCED to open up and build more effecient no-nonsense ways to deliver HQ video. And it doesn’t really matter if it’s Android or Iphone OS, you can bet your ass they will reuse those HQ streams in fast, efficient native apps for those platforms.