#Dice makers of #Battlefield must love balls

"You love me! Hire me. I'll do a better job"

I’ve been playing Bad Company a lot lately (on mah PS3), it’s pretty fun but there are some things that are so damn stupid I want to kick someone. For instance why the h#€”€%! can’t I disable other fuckos microphones? It is so damn annoying to hear some 13 year old bitch or worse hear random background noise/music from some stupid asshole who has his EyeToy plugged in. Who listens to shitty euro techno while playing anyway? God give me strength.

Appearantly people have been complaining about this since 2008 and nothing has been done. This leads me to believe that DICE, the creators of this game, loves sucking balls. Why? Well they are obviously busy sucking big fat balls instead of just releasing a patch.

Edit: I wrote this post in may, but I didn’t post it. Figured they would fix it for 1943 so why bother. But oh no. Still can’t mute players. Man that must be some damn tasty balls you’re busy sucking #DICE?