TV4 web-TV and replay sucks

Yesterday me and Linda was going to watch the replay of Robinson using the new service from TV4 called TV4 Replay. This is a service where you for a week can watch TV4 programming replays online.

I had a hunch from the get-go that it would be a problem to find the entrance to the replay of Robinsson WITHOUT getting to know the ending of the actual episode. This, of course, turned out to be absolutely true.

I first tried to Google “TV4 Replay Robinson” and I got into some sort of page and some clip started but it was not presented clear enough so you were left wondering if this indeed was the episode or just some random clip. Then I prepared myself for getting to know the ending and entered and – of course – they spoiled the ending on the mainpage. Here we did find the entrance to the replay of the episode and it turned out to be the clip we first found.

The presentation is PISS POOR and their whole web-tv isn’t very well thought out. Their fullscreen mode is also buggy and keeps showing an annoying border in the bottom while running Windows XP (browser doesn’t matter) – my only option to go around this will be going into Mac OS and zooming in a little bit to prevent burn in.

Please, pretty please, make a clear DISTINCTION between your main site and your web-TV site. With this I mean that, yeah sure, I should be able to enter into web-TV from your main site but if I NEED to be able to enter your web-tv section separately and while I’m there you need to NOT HAVE SPOILERS.

Update: Started watching the show after zooming in a little on Mac OS X. Guess what happens after 10 minutes? Shit starts to stutter and then it exists fullscreen with the error message “movie failed”. Pathetic. F*cking pathetic. Why don’t you just publish a torrent instead? If you gotta do streaming make sure it works PERFECTLY.

TV4 webb-tv replay suger