I was really looking forward to this one and since I had not read the novel I didn’t realy know what to expect except that I expected quite a bit :) I must confess I was a bit perplexed, it wasn’t the movie I had expected at all so it took me quite a while to “reset” myself for a more serious movie. I did find it a bit long and some things didn’t feel natural – it might make complete sense to have a blue dude walking around airing words of wisdom in a might not convey as well in a movie. At times it was a little hard to take seriously and became hard to believe or at worst almost a bit comedic.

Still though, I must give this 8/10 for having awesome actors, awesome effects and and really original story. Liam said it was better the second time you watched and I am inclined to believe him. I will also order the graphic novel to compare the two. As usual the quality of Filmstaden in Sundsvall was horrible, parts of the movie was constantly being projected not to the screen but onto the drapes and at times it was out of focus.

SF, who owns Filmstaden, recently installed 3D screens on selected cinemas around Sweden. If you ask me they are retarded. Instead of installing 3D screens they should check their basics and make sure they have proper equipment nationwide instead first. How about a little digital? It’s embarrassing to take friends from the US to Swedish cinemas.