Do you facecamp? Do you punk?

Yesterday when me and some random dude, Axel (pronounced “ASS-el”),  started a conversation in a comment thread of an old study mate of mine I realised we – inadvertedly – had invented a new phenomen. Perhaps people have been doing it for a while but me thinks none have invented this nice catch-phrase for it and therefore I rule and yes I invented it. It is awesome.


Two people having a random or related conversation about a subject in a comment thread on anything in Facebook.

Example: Your friend (A) changes his/her status to “I am bored”. You (B) and another friend (C) subsequently starts to comment this persons status by you (B) asking your other friend (C) how his/her day has been. You must also ignore all comments from your friend (A).

Now in these examples it only involves to people, of course the awesomeometer only goes up the more people you include in this. Just think of it as the digital version of going to a friends party only to have everyone including yourself ignoring the host.