iPhoto’09 – exporting tags and multiple sets to Flickr

Faces – I want it to autotag (or add keywords)
Using the new feature “Faces” it would certainly be USEFUL if there were atleast an option in iPhoto to allow it to add in keywords for the person you tagged. As it is now you first identify your peeps using Faces and then you have to manually add the keywords to your “Faces”, if I don’t do that none of my photos will be tagged when uploading to Flickr. Pretty fucking lame!

Exporting multiple events to Flickr – let me make one set of that for you
Flickrexport did not handle it well and the flickr uploader from iPhoto’09 handles it even worse. If you select multiple events in iPhoto’09 and then export them iPhoto will then actually, without asking, merge your events into one single set on Flickr. Not good at all. 

Creator of Flickrexport, if you want to top Apple – please enable me to be able to just select all my events, click one or two buttons and then have all my events into their own sets in Flickr.

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