Media execs, watch and learn from

Crunchyroll is a video site like YouTube but specialized in anime. I knew that Crunchyroll had been talking about going legit and that they were signing some content distribution deals but I really needed to see it to believe it. Before they worked sort of like YouTube (and in some ways I guess they still do) for anime and had quite a lot of questionable material (copyright-wise) on their site.

They now offer streaming shows in high quality from their site, one of the absolute coolest thing is something they call “simulacast”, this means you can one hour after the latest Naruto airs in Japan – watch it in 720P on their site. Naruto and many, many more (and more coming) are available for only like 60 bucks a year. THIS IS PROGRESS.

In fact this is such a good deal that the largest supplier of Naruto torrents, Dattebayo decided to close down their subtitling of Naruto and instead refer to Cruncyroll and Viz Media (distributor who also offers Naruto in streaming for free, but a week after airing).

Now a streaming option for video I am much more apt to pay for than a streaming option for music, I would just like to be able to bring it with me in a portable format – I’d even be fine with DRM downloads as long as they worked on my iPhone/iPod.  (Oh and yes I know that you can rip streams but I’d rather not).

My only caveat with Crunchyrolls service is perhaps that they insist on using FLV which is not really a favorite and is a format that is also quite overly processor intensive. Then again I haven’t really checked..maybe their streams is MP4 compatible and I can watch them on my iPhone..I’m guessing not though. Anyway, since I do watch Naruto I will probably sign up for a year of Crunchyroll to try the service out. 

Someone..please..launch world-wide TV series/movies “Spotify” service. I’d pay way more for such a service.