IMDB Movie Ratings in WordPress

Edit March ’09: Duh. Imdb provides well hidden RSS service for this, this is an example of my IMDB vote history RSS feed: feed://

You can just grab that feed and change my number “8062614” for your own number and add it to your site. Just use the WordPress plugin I mention below that shows RSS feeds from your sidebar and you’re golden.

Edit Jan’09: Here, I made a service for you, just enter your IMDB ratings page to scrape and go nuts!

I have been looking for different ways of getting my IMDB movie ratings into my blog. I found this script called PIMP that was a PHP scrape from the “my movies” page in IMDB. After looking into it for a while though it seemed like an overly complex solution..and then I remembered Dapper.

Dapper is a web service that makes it easy for anyone to scrape pretty much any content from any website into Dapper XML or RSS. In my case I set up a Dapper service to scrape my IMDB movies page. To do this first of all you need to make your IMDB movie ratings public, the rest is very easy in Dapper. The result can be seen in my sidebar. I just selected the table cells and set the movie titles up as the RSS title and the movie ratings as the RSS pubdate field. After that I used the KB Advanced RSS plugin for wordpress in order to customize the RSS widget.

I thought about extending this into also parsing in my comments on IMDB but the requirements of at least 10 fields for IMDB comments just kills it for me, usually I just want to go like “crap” or “decent flick”. I’ll extend it some ohter way later me thinks..or not..I’m lazy.

I made my Dapp App (My Movies IMDB Final) public (it’s extremely simple..). Feel free to go nuts. If anyone want a tut, drop a comment.

3 thoughts on “IMDB Movie Ratings in WordPress”

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  2. At first thanks for your great work, i’ve been searching for a long time for a good wordpress imdb plugin. And i like the opportunity to display my last rated movies in the sidebar.
    But I had a few problems with your dapp app: I wanted to create an Rss Feed like you, but he only writes the movie names without the ratings, i tried a bit, but always get the same result. So I just copied your rss url and replaced your imdb number with my number and it worked. I don’t know exactly why, did you create a web-based service that is available to everybody? So you just have to copy & paste your imdb number in the Rss Feed and it works? This would be great.
    Whatever I thank you for your great work and now I have the imdb Rss Feed right in my sidebar. Keep on working.

  3. hey. haha. no, see i figured out that IMDB already DID provide an RSS stream for “my movies”. I just totally missed that and started creating a web app with dapper and stuff although I didnt really need to since they already HAD a way to get an RSS stream directly from them :)

    It is possible they added on the stream later though and that it didn’t exist when I made the Dapper and so on..but I think it did, it was just very, very well hidden for some reason. IMDB should really modernize their site a bit.

    Glad I could help you out!

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