Friends nya reklamfilm “Halla kaften”

Brilliant ad for Friends, a network against bullying. It’s in swedish, here is the lyrics, freely translated:

You might think that my loneliness is the worst 
But it is when you see me I become afraid 
Please explain so that I understand 
Why you are silent when I come and why you laugh when I go 
Tell me why it must be me 
Who must have my  back up against the wall 
Only skin against the harsh words 
Who must, scratch, bite for my life against all of you 
There is no reward and I demand nothing 
Only to never ever be forced to shut up

I thought the music was brilliant, turned out it’s an alternative version of Kents new free single “Pa Drift?” (freely translated: Drifting?). Personally I like the version with the little girl more than Kents original version :) You can get the new Kent single here for free.  The original lyrics goes something like this, freely translated with Google and some edits:

We have no secrets left
but it is so fucking cowardly to leave
The bohemians, poets are pigs
and On The Road the most inane crap I have read
for Heroes and heroines to stay
with their backs up against the wall
only skin against the sharp blade
and they scratch, the fight and they bite
for their lives or someone else
they get no reward
but they require nothing
they just do bite down and shut the fuck up

Honey, what we most of all want
is something that can never be ours
November is a wall of wet concrete
where a silly dream of escape is born
to crash and then die
but Heroes and heroine to stay
They spit hard against the wind
and they warm our hands
so we do not lose the grip of
the love that is rightfully ours
They dare to believe and hope
that somebody up there is watching us
someone who would rather forgive than to condemn us
for something we did not know that we had done

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I found this video of the little girl online and it’s freaking haunting! I really wanted to know the lyrics and voila, you have posted them. Can you also post them in Swedish?

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