Robbie Williams on the UFO phenomena

Wow. Don’t I feel like a tabloid. Anyway. Robbie Williams now has his own thread on Above Top Secret forums where he himself, in his own words, describes his sightings. In difference to recent press coverage though I’m not just spatting noncence about this and I have actually read what the man has to say, in contrast to some really crummy swedish evening news magazines such as Expressen.


..I was facing Sunset Strip lying on a sun lounger about 11.30 at night in the yard of a hotel I was staying at. The yard area was about 50ft square(maybe less) and at the end of it are palm trees and bushes, which obscures peoples’ view from the other side in (and ours out). I was with a friend who was lying next to me on another sun lounger and we were both staring upwards. From what I remember, an object flew over us at about 200 to 300 ft high…it may have been higher I don’t know. 

It was definitely black with yellow stripes underneath. Now, I’m not sure if it was square or triangle, but I do remember that it made absolutely no noise whatsoever. My friend and I both saw it. I don’t know why, but I had a hunch it was one of ours. ..

Excerpt 2:

..out of nowwhere, (and everybody that was there saw this) a black strip of light a few inches thick came in through the studio door and stretched about 20 feet or so (the length of the studio) and went out through the opposing studio window… 

To read the full thing, visit the thread on Abovetopsecret:
Robbie William’s Sightings – In HIS OWN WORDS