What a day..

First i had to wait 40 min for a cab that never showed. When i wentout and found a new one, that one got stuck in the snow struckgothenbourg. People in gbg seems overwhelmed each time they get a bitof powder. They all drive annoyingly slow which is only trulymotivated like half of the time. That being because half of the timethe roads turns to ice slush since the city of gbg strickly invests ingolf carts instead of snowplows it seems. Anyway, after enjoying agood hour long cab ride to work in 25km/h i was finally there. I didmy job and i rescheduled my departure taxi, expecting another longfine cab ride. This time it went pretty fast. My flight got stuckthough so i had to sit 1h 40min extra on the plane pre take off. 

I love my job..