The Family Crest

Phew. So right now I’m on a train to Stockholm, work stuff. Lately I’ve been looking into Blogger and what you can do and can’t do (or well, with some trouble) and sketching on various designs for The Family.

The Family Crest is a new project, an acoustic one, from Liam Mccormick & Co in which I will play a part as responsible for the web, videos and other material that will be produced. Right now we don’t have any music on the site (although I’m listening to early rough cuts right now, awesome stuff).Hopefully during next week we will be able to start adding material. We will be releasing a bunch of HD music videos, simple and clean cut along with a few songs. The idea is to eventually release all the material for free, while then releasing a mastered CD later on next year.

Check out the site which is under construction and check out the progress on how it’s going building the band. If you want to be a pal we would appreciate a link from your site to The Familys site, but you can do that when you heard the music and find it good enough to recommend to others.