Oh am I bored

Spar Hotell


Man what a week this has been and still is. On monday I flew down to Gothenbourg, spent the day there and then went by train up to Stockholm. Spent the night in Morgana Crack & Conference hotell (if you’re wondering, it’s a refurbished bomb bunker from the seventies) and then had a meeting on tuesday. After that it was onto the train again where I divided my time between speaking on the cellphone about a business case for one of the projects I’m involved with and watching like seven episodes of South Park. Some Cartman goes a long way enduring a 50 minute delay.

I then went to where I am currently residing, or maybe dwelling is more of a proper term. Dwelling because I don’t like eating by myself in a restaurant, it’s sort of weird. So I usually just go out and buy something and bring back to my bat cave. Anyway I spent today in meeting again here in Gbg and will spend the entire day tomorrow in another meeting here, then it’s finally back to old sweet Sundsvall.

This place isn’t that bad actually, I’m just ripping on it because I can. It’s no Knaust Hotel but it’s a 2 minute walk from work which makes up for a lot (just as with Morgana).

Gbg all in all ain’t that bad but I’d rather stick a fork in my knee than work out of Farsta on a regular basis Farsta might be a case of the good old Swenglish actually,

” Far : stad”
A place far away from everything, where you don’t want to live, breathe or work. If it doesn’t pay really, really, ridiculously well.

Enough about this. How about some jokes?


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  1. MEH!

    Men allt resande hojta till när du är i stockholm igen
    Är det inte dax att bli utslängd från pub anchor mitt i veckan, igen?

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