TwonkyMedia Mac Ps3

Finally! I got my Mac to work with Twonky and my Playstation 3. After having heaps of access denied and other problems.

First of all I updated the firmware to 1.90 on the PS3. The firewall on the Mac needs to be off or you need to configure open ports (if you want to do that, go ahead and Google it up). You need to turn on Sharing in iTunes and you need to enable personal file sharing for the Mac.

Also, in order for things to work smoothly I used the Airport Utility and configured my Aiport Extreme base station to always assign a certain IP to my Macbook Pro and to the PS3 (under the “Internet” icon and on the “DHCP” tab, given of course that you are using this). That somehow made a lot of the errors, disconnects and what not disappear.

Now that I know that Twonky works fine with the PS3 I have ordered myself a Qnap TS-201.

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