Flickr, Mac annoyances, etc

Delores park

Above is a picture from Flickr, like the only one I have public right now. We actually bought a pro account just a few days ago to get unlimited uploads (it’s like 25 bucks/year) on Flickr (you already get unlimited storage for the free account, but you can only upload 100mb/month). I uploaded about 4 gigs of photos (like 1300) without a hitch from Iphoto using FlickrExport which I also bought for like 160 SEK. Flickr rocks.

Have been looking for a soloution to my problem with switching the MacBook screen off while having my external screen on. There doesn’t seem to be any good soloutions yet. Really freaking annoying. As it is now I have to almost-close the laptop lid which makes the Mac go into sleep mode (also putting the external screen into sleep mode).. then while the lid is closed I tap the button of my USB mouse which wakes the Mac up and for a moment puts both screens on but it quickly notices the laptop screen is still down so it powers it off. I can then raise my laptop screen, which is now off while my external monitor is on, and it will stay turned off until my next reboot (or the entire system goes to sleep because of me not using it).

Reaaaallly freaking annoying and I find it hard to muster that Apple has not made this easy. At all. I want to save energy and my laptop screen but it’s not like I’m supposed to. Moronic.

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  1. Ha burkfan stängd, i viloläge, dra i sladden till stora skärmen, öppna skiten. Voila! Bild bara på stora medan lilla sover

    Det funkar iaf oavsiktligt på min jobb-macbook när jag gör så, dock vill jag alltid ha lilla skärmen på som komplement, mao irriterande

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