So I have made the switch and it is a somewhat curious experience. While I do like the Mac in oh so many ways more than my PC there are some annoyances like maximizing windows and the curious love for the mouse contra keyboard shortcuts that I do not agree with. Hopefully some of these things will be adressed in Leopard however.

Switching does make me forgo some of my favorite applications for Mac OS X counterparts, for instance there is no UTorrent which has forced me to use Transmission, which I do like but it is not as good as UTorrent. I am currently downloading FTP software and me liking open source have turned my attention to Cyberduck which I will now test out.
I hate the fact that I am forced to use Firefox even though Safari has so much potential, being able to add extensions would do so much for the browser. Also..what is with the hard coded keyboard shortcuts, Command+Option+F for Google Search box access? Come on..give me a break.
Also WordPress and it’s icons when writing a post isn’t working so that also doesn’t help.

I love the dashboard and the dock, the easy uninstall of software, the gpu accelerated everything, the lack of two mouse buttons (call me crazy).. Iphoto, etc.

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