Been workshopping in Växsjö for two days. If the word “workshop” was a person..he’d be a tool. Wikipedia states:

“A workshop is also a gathering or training session which may be several days in length. It emphasizes problem-solving, hands-on training, and requires the involvement of the participants. “

I’m so curious how the more down to earth definition:

“A workshop is a room or building which provides both the area and tools (or machinery) that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. Apart from the larger factories, workshops were the only places of production in the days before industrialisation. “

.. ended up in a corporate environment where you call almost any gatherings related to a task or a problem at hand with employees from different parts of an organization a “workshop”? Like why? “They were the only places of production in the days before…” – how did we go from that to the exact opposite of today? I’m not saying workshops are bad, I am saying though that they are not the place where actual productivity take place..and that it’s a stupid label (it’s a god damn meeting).

We’ve been talking about flowcharts. On that topic I’d like to point out how clumsy most of these tools are. And as with everything Microsoft Office, you have tools that are capable of tons but what users really need are a bare essential. I’ll argue that many Office products do more harm than good in a large corporate environment since the users are free to do whatever they like and as long as the user is defined by rules (and not physical limits set in place). More simplistic web products are more productive, easier to control and easier to collaborate around. Plus they’re dirt cheap.

Microsoft Visio for example can be extremely powerful if used right but it can also be pretty useless.The exported files from Visio 2003 are a mystery, generating a gazillion gif files, XML schemes and uses a JavaScript based solution for search.. which is all nice on it’s own but it doesn’t play well with other applications (say..any search engine that crawls basically). Why not simple HTML, what’s wrong with that? Why not an option for it at least? Hell why not Flash even? Anything but the shit it generates.

I sure as hell know what I would choose
if I started anything up in this day an age.

Ah anyway. Off to sleep.