Windows Media Sucks


I just read a very disturbing article about how Microsoft intend to further assrape you with DRM through their insanely shitty Windows Media Player (use the alternatives if your are not already). Once again I feel certain that Windows XP will be my last Windows system and after this move to Mac OS X or Linux. A quote from the article:

Read the links, the entire page is scary as hell, but the licensing part takes the cake. “Windows Media Player 11 does not permit you to back up your media usage rights (previously known as licenses)”, Wow, new terminology, old idea, you are a wallet with legs waiting to be raped.”

On the same site I also read a review about the Ipod Nano that made me laugh out loud. Appearantly it’s not only me who hate all media players who also try to be “media organisers” – None of them do a good job. Maybe it’s just me who grew up without them, who got used to using folders and simply clicking to what I want to hear. Anyway, this is what cracked me up, this and the paragraphs that followed:

I hate iTunes – I always have. I detest being forced to do things their way. I hate being unable to just drag files onto my music player in Explorer and being able to play them back. I hate the way it tries to pre-empt what I’m going to do, and gets it wrong. Every time. And I hate the way how there are no ways to do the things I want. But then I hate all the alternatives, and version 7.0 is better than its predecessors.

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