Downtime & Vacation

I’m reinstalling Windows again on my workstation and of course shit is messing around. Again I wish Adobe had their entire suite of software available for Linux so I could just get rid of this thing.

Also ordered a new power supply, a 850W one, since my current at 400W just can’t handle my 7-9 IDE/SATA drives. Ordered some extension cables and an USB hub also in order to be able to put my whole system in a small room next to my “home office”.. a room which is always cold. That way I don’t have to worry about keeping the system quiet either and can work undisturbed.

I started my three week long vacation yesterday, honestly my last week at work was uneventful too. Wrote a business case, that’s about it.. it’s hard to get much work done when most of your organisation is on vacation. I’m looking forward to doing nothing for three weeks, cleaning up my harddrives and finally getting some order on my workstation (much needed, it’s a real mess). Also actaully going to install some new games and try them out.

Will also be playing around with my gfs old computer, an 1.8 Ghz Celeron, to see whether or not it can handle 1080i (I know 1080p is prolly not happening, but it did play 720p perfectly).

I’ll be putting a pre-order in for the PS3 sometime next month probably.
Ah, anyway. Cheers.

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